A mixture of nerves and excitement

It’s been years in the making and the time has finally arrived (well, almost). Tomorrow morning I will be leaving Melbourne with my bike and heading off to Europe for the best part of 2 months. It’s not lost on me how blessed I am to have this opportunity and I hope to make the most of it.

The plans are a bit loose but I will be travelling to England, France, Italy, Poland & Malta. It is going to be amazing! I will keep everyone updated here with my progress. First stop is London.

Everything is packed and I have managed to push my baggage allowance to the very limit. I’m very grateful to Pasi for lending me his bike box to keep my Surly nice and safe. I’ve done a few local tours now in preparation and I’m pretty confident I’m organised – even though I inevitably left packing to the last minute, will I ever learn?

Time for a good night’s sleep before the adventure begins!



  1. DON’T MISS THE PLANE!! It is not necessary to run through every airport you visit… see you soon Cuz xx

  2. Looks like a lot of stuff your taking! When you get to italy, the answer is yes! You can drink the water spouting out all over the city, and it’s really quite tasty 🙂 hope you update with plenty of photos and anecdotes… My eyes will be peeled. All our love to Grandma, Val & Martin, Sylvia in London and Peter Parker 😉 and of course many more along the way..

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